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Workforce Connect: Voice


Your workers depend on their Zebra Technologies’ mobile computers to access the information they need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. But when it comes to the many phone calls routed through the PBX to and from co-workers, managers and customers throughout the day, your workers are still dependent on their deskphone. Now, you can give your workforce single device simplicity with Voice, a key feature in Zebra’s Workforce Connect Voice. This fully-featured voice client empowers qualified Zebra mobile computers with comprehensive deskphone functionality. So no matter where your workers are inside your facility, they can access crucial business data as well as place and receive important phone calls. The result? The multi-device functionality that drives capital and operational costs down — and unified device simplicity that drives workforce productivity up.

Get more out of your mobile computers
The Workforce Connect Voice compatible Zebra mobile computers you already own can double as PBX-enabled handsets, increasing value and the return on investment.

Easy to deploy
With the Workforce Connect Voice, you get comprehensive functionality and simple deployment. Support for leading PBXs and most of the wired deskphone features and functions that your business uses today deliver a fit-for-purpose voice experience, without compromise. You can allow the PBX to automatically create buttons for specific PBX features, which you can place wherever you want. You can also create new buttons and place in the columns and rows you specify in the flexible user interface. And PBX speed dial and corporate directories can be automatically adopted.

Unparalleled customization

The Workforce Connect Voice gives you the control you need to create the best voice experience for your users. You decide which features appear where - on the home screen, when calls are initiated and during a call - allowing you to provide your users with single button access to the features they use most. Buttons can perform whatever action is required to maximize worker efficiency - from executing a PBX function to opening a line of business application. And with control over screen design, colors and more, you're also in charge of the look and feel of every screen.

Reduce training
Complete control over interface design allows you to achieve maximum user interface simplicity for different roles and user experience levels, virtually eliminating user training - ideal in industries with high turnover, such as retail.

Unsurpassed interface simplicity
When it comes to making or receiving calls with a mobile device, users often need to search for features. Now, all the features your users need are just a button press away.

Simplify complex telephony functions
Many Zebra-only features bring unprecedented simplicity and functionality to more complex PBX features. For example, you can enable users to see and graphically manage up to six different extensions. And when it comes to hunt groups, users can join or drop a hunt group on-the-fly, allowing retailers, healthcare and other organizations to ensure that calls are always answered promptly.

Superior integration with Zebra PTT solutions
Whether your workers are on a PTT call via Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk (PTT) Express or Push-to-Talk Pro, they will never miss a phone or PTT call - a real-time visual alert allows users to see who is calling and determine whether they need to answer, and a missed call notification reminds users to return the call. PTT calls can be answered by pressing an on-screen button or the dedicated PTT buttons on the side of the mobile computer.

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Turn Zebra Technologies’ mobile computers into fully featured deskphones.


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