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Workforce Connect: PTT Pro


Delivery drivers out in the field, associates on the retail floor, workers in the warehouse, housekeeping and events management staff in a hotel and nurses and lab technicians in a hospital all have one thing in common - they work in teams throughout the work day, and they often have questions that require an immediate answer from another team member in order to remain productive and deliver the best service. With Workforce Connect PTT Pro, a key feature in Workforce Connect, your workers can always reach the right person, right now, via instant PTT over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The result? A single device with the rich communication and data features your workers need to complete every task as efficiently as possible. Your workforce has the constant and instant connection they need to reduce steps and cycle times for faster and better outcomes. The number of devices you need to purchase and manage is reduced, lowering the cost of mobility. And deployment couldn't be easier. With this cloud-based service, it's easy to get your users up and running quickly. And with support for select Zebra mobile computers today and third party mobile phones and more tomorrow, you get a solution that can easily grow to meet new business needs many years into the future.

Easy to deploy cost-effective cloud-based service
Deploying instant PTT is as easy as placing an order - there is no equipment to purchase, deploy, monitor or manage. Once service is activated, compatible devices with the PTT Pro client installed are ready to go. With a flat low monthly per-person cost, there are never any budget surprises. And since Workforce Connect delivers the client and the service, the need to manage another platform in your data center is eliminated.

Enterprise reliability your business requires
Instant PTT and texting services provide your workers with the instant answers they need to best serve your customers. That's why our cloud-based architecture is built for dependability, offering redundant servers, multiple routing options, 24x7x365 monitoring and more.

Service anywhere in the world, over any wireless network - Wi-Fi and cellular
No matter where your business is located, or whether users are in your facility or out in the field, with support for Wi-Fi and cellular networks, with PTT Pro, they are always connected.

Scalable architecture
Whether you have a small business with just a few workers, a mid-size business with hundreds of workers or a large distributed enterprise with thousands of workers, Workforce Connect PTT Pro provides affordable instant communications to however many workers you have today, with the ability to easily scale up to meet your needs next year or ten years from now - providing superior investment protection.

Visibility into subscriber status with
Presence Users can easily see the status of every PTT user in their address book - if they are available to take a call; busy (on a phone call, for example); off line; or in Do Not Disturb mode, where PTT calls are still received and logged, but audible alerts are silenced.

1-to-1 and group calls
Workers can place a private call to one user or a group call to any group you have defined. Groups can include up to 250 subscribers.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Private Call (one-to-one)
The ability to select a user from your PTT Pro contact list and have a one-on-one PTT conversation.
Group Call (one-to-many)
Active transmission of half-duplex audio directed from one member of a Group to two or more active members in a Group.
Provides tones, vibration and visual indicators when inbound messages are received
Secure Messaging
End-to-end encrypted secure messages, preventing others from listening to conversations

The subscriber has successfully signed in and has authenticated with the PTT Pro server. They are now able to receive messages and audible alerts.
Do Not Disturb
This is a subscriber initiated status. PTT call messages are not received while in DND mode. No audible alerts are generated.
Off Line
A system generated status when the subscriber is out of range or has shut down the device / service. PTT calls cannot be initiated to devices in this state.

Zebra enterprise-class Android mobile devices, including: MC40, TC55, TC70 and TC75 mobile computers running Jelly Bean or higher

Web Administration
Provides a portal for centralized management of the system. The administration interface is available over any current browser from a PC anywhere on the network. Features include:
- Query subscriber status - on line/off line
- Adding, modifying, deleting subscribers
- No external toolkit required for Web Admin
- Browser responsiveness unburdened by large number of subscribers
- Role based profile determine GUI capability
The system is designed to handle large deployments of the PTT Pro solution. Regional availability is determined based on the size of the enterprise.

3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks


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