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Workforce Connect


Do your workers use multiple devices to reach the data and people they need throughout the day? If so, they suffer from ‘communications disconnect' - forced to waste time switching between different devices to get the job done, and forcing you to purchase and support multiple devices per worker.

Zebra provides end-to-end solution simplicity with the proven methodologies, tools and expertise needed to ensure a successful implementation of Workforce Connect throughout your organization. Whether it's optimizing your network for voice, integrating Workforce Connect into your existing systems, proving out the solution in a live environment with an operational pilot, or protecting your investment with ongoing support, our turnkey services solutions can assist you with a successful roll-out.

Workforce Connect is the easy way to marry all of your voice and data communications into one multi-functional mobile computer that allows your workers to do it all:

- Access information in your line-of-business applications
- Take voice telephony calls
- Instantly reach a co-worker
- Manage a team located across the country or around the world with:
    - Robust push-to-talk

    - Plus text messaging     

The result is streamlined workflows - no more time spent juggling devices. Your workforce is finally one. One team that is seamlessly connected, able to act with amazing efficiency and effectiveness - and take your customer service quality to a whole new level.

Zebra provides end-to-end solution simplicity with the proven methodologies, tools and expertise needed to ensure a successful implementation of Workforce Connect throughout your organization, incorporating enterprise-class voice, data, and text messaging communications into any setting.

Workforce Connect: Voice
Eliminate desk phone dependency and deliver the right voice features to the same mobile computers your workforce is using to access your line-of-business applications. Workers are connected, yet no longer tied to their desk for voice calls. And you can deliver a customized user experience that makes accessing voice and data easier than ever.

Workforce Connect: PTT Pro
Give workers robust one-to-one, site-to-site and group push-to-talk services over cellular and wi-fi networks, removing boundaries — your workforce is always connected, regardless of worker location. Workforce Connect PTT Pro is compatible with select Zebra, consumer Android and Apple iOS devices.

Workforce Connect: Enterprise Messaging
Included in Workforce Connect PTT Pro – workers can send text and images over any Wi-Fi or cellular network, enabling communications when voice is not an option.

Workforce Connect: PTT Express
Give workers instant PTT group services over your existing wi-fi network, right out of the box, on selected Zebra hardware. This complementary client software brings up to 75 workers together with group push-to-talk communications.

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Learn how the power of one of your workers can have the impact of many using Zebra's Workforce Connect.


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