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Ivanti Speakeasy

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Ivanti Speakeasy

Wavelink Windows Speakeasy Voice Client

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€ 560,40 (Prezzo di listino)
Wavelink Windows Speakeasy Voice Client One Client per Device. Note, one or three year software support to be ordered in addition at time of purchase.


Speakeasy means you don't need to abandon investments you've already made. You're enhancing their value. Speakeasy works with your existing enterprise systems (WMS, ERP, etc.) and mobile apps—whether telnet or web apps.

Add voice in 30 days or less
Add Speakeasy to your existing mobile deployment in under a month.

Part of a multimodal data-capture solution
Add voice where voice makes sense—alongside barcode scanning, key entry, and more for an optimized data-collection solution.

Reduce training times
No need to train Speakeasy to recognize unique accents or dialects. Users pick up any enabled mobile device and get to work.

100% device-based voice processing
Eliminates the need for a server to handle voice encoding and decoding.

Hands off your host system
Add voice without incurring costly modifications to your enterprise system.

Middleware or system interfaces? No way!
Speakeasy leverages your mobile app to interface to the host, eliminating the need for expensive add-on software.

Forget about voice-specific hardware
Your mobile device has the power to handle voice processing, so there's no need for dedicated voice hardware.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Year after year, you're challenged to find ways to boost worker productivity by five percent or more. You may have considered voice in the past, but there's great news: voice has evolved. With Ivanti Speakeasy, powered by Wavelink, companies around the globe are realizing the benefits of full - featured voice enablement that can be deployed in just a few weeks, at a fraction of the cost of tradit ional voice applications. Best of all, you can get started using your systems and mobility solutions already in place, or add voice as you refresh your mobile devices - including those running the Android operating system.


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