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Enterprise Browser

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Enterprise Browser

Enterprise Browser

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Enterprise Browser is a powerful enterprise ready html5 browser, enabling cross platform application development
Enterprise Browser

1 Year Software Support

Codice: SSW-ENTBR-10
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1 year software support
Enterprise Browser

3 Year Software Support

Codice: SSW-ENTBR-30
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3 Year Enterprise Browser Device License Software Support


Whether you want to migrate legacy web-based PocketBrowser applications to newer Zebra mobile computers or create new applications with today's highly-graphical and intuitive user interfaces, Enterprise Browser makes it easy. This industrial browser is built from the ground up to support best-in-class development practices, new operating systems, the latest generation of Zebra mobile devices and all the data capture features on Zebra mobile computers and their peripherals. The result? Your existing application investments are protected. You can create graphics-rich intuitive applications that drive increased productivity in less time. And the transition to next generation enterprise devices is fast, easy and affordable.

Easily create cross-platform enterprise mobile applications
With common Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) across all enterprise mobile devices, you can easily create a single application that can run on different devices and different operating systems for a true write once, run anywhere experience.

Built on standards - no proprietary technologies
Open source standard technologies, such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, enable the easy creation of beautiful applications using standard web skills, providing access to the world's largest developer community.

Supports virtually all Zebra enterprise devices
No matter what types of Zebra devices you need in your business, Enterprise Browser supports them: mobile computers, tablets, kiosks, wearables and vehicle mount.

Supports the most popular enterprise operating systems
Windows® CE, Windows® Mobile, Windows® Embedded Handheld and Android®.

Thin client architecture
Simplifies device and application deployment as well as support with instant "zero-touch" application updates; ensures version consistency, protects worker productivity and decreases support time and cost.

Backwards compatibility with PocketBrowser
Compatibility with legacy PocketBrowser APIs enables easy migration of legacy applications to newer Zebra mobile computers running the latest operating systems - including Android.

Operating system "lock out"
Hides access to distractions, such as web-browsing and games; simplifies user interface and eliminates risk of unauthorized changes to device settings.

Protect the business from OS market uncertainty
Devices and platforms can continue to churn without impacting your business - these OS-agnostic applications work on the Zebra platforms of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Full screen display
Maximizes available display space for a richer, more effective user interface; hides command bar and Start menu.

Extensive logging capability
Easily capture logging information for easy troubleshooting, reducing support time and cost.

Backward compatibility with RhoElements
Compatibility with RhoElements JavaScript API s enables easy migration of existing RhoElements applications.

Create consumer-style apps - for business
Without OS constraints to impact app design, a graphical user interface can be created that is every bit as engaging, intuitive and interactive as today's consumer applications.

Faster deployment
A simplified development approach allows you to develop and launch applications faster than ever, allowing your operations to begin reaping the benefits of your mobility solution faster.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded Handheld and Android

Device capabilities include: bar code scanning, camera, Bluetooth, printing, indicators, file management, alerts, audio/video, MSR , signature capture and many more.

Please visit techdocs.zebra.com for the latest list of compatible devices.
Mobile Computers
: TC55, ES400, ET1, MC21xx, MC30xx, MC31xx, MC32xx WinCE, MC40, MC45, MC55xx, MC65xx, MC67, MC70xx, MC75xx, MC90xx, MC91xx, MC92N0 and MC95xx, TC70, TC75, MC40 with Android Lollipop, MC67 with Android KitKat, WorkAbout Pro 4 with Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, Omnii X15 with Windows CE 6.0 and Embedded Handheld 6.5
Vehicle Mount Mobile Computers
: VC50xx, VC60xx, VC70 and VH10 with Windows CE 6.0
Micro Kiosks
: MK30xx, MK31xx and MK40xx
Wearable Mobile Computers
: WT40xx, WT41xx and WT6000 with Android Lollipop, RS6000, RS4000 and RS507 ring scanners (for use with WT6000 only)

Technologies include: HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript


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